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A Man, A Plan, A Canal: PanamaVHS Tape63044686952000D.J. Roller · Mark Hobson · Sam Henriques
Annual Edition Social PsycologyPaperback978-0-07-292509-81998
Annual Editions: Social Psychology 00/01   "978-0-07-236583-22000
Annual Editions: Social Psychology 01/02   "978-0-07-243566-52000Mark H. Davis
Asylum: Inside the Pauper Lunatic Asylums   "978-1-4456-3614-62014
Bareboat Charters: A Practical Guide to the Legal and Insurance ImplicationsHardcover978-1-84311-423-92005
Bradford Through TimePaperback978-1-4456-0330-82011
Consumer Culture and Society: A Critical Introduction   "978-0-415-52883-22017
Consumer Culture and Society: A Critical IntroductionHardcover978-0-415-52882-52016
Contemporary Criminal Law by Lippman and The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice by Davis, Bundle   "978-1-4129-5894-32007Matthew R. Lippman
Digital Assassination: Protecting Your Reputation, Brand, or Business Against Online Attacks   "978-0-312-61791-22011Richard Torrenzano
Evolution of the Modern Sports Fan: Communicative Approaches   "978-1-4985-4627-02017
Fundamentals of Operations Management, 2nd Canadian EditionPaperback978-0-07-096539-32007
Fundamentals of Operations ManagementHardcover978-0-07-561286-51998Nicholas J. Aquilano · Richard B. Chase
Fundamentals of Operations ManagementPaperback978-0-07-114017-11994Nicholas J. Aquilano · Richard B. Chase
Fundamentals of Operations Management   "978-0-07-092283-9
Fundamentals of Operations Management with Student CD-ROM and PowerWebHardcover978-0-07-297541-32003Nicholas J Aquilano · Richard B Chase · Nicholas Aquilano · Richard Chase
Hadoop in ActionPaperback978-1-61729-122-72016Chuck Lam · Ajit Gaddam
Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Method   "978-1-4803-9800-92015
HIV Treatment and Prevention Technologies in International PerspectiveHardcover978-0-230-23819-02010Corinne Squire
Hypertension: Best Medicine for HypertensionPaperback978-1-905064-99-12005Bryan Williams
Managing Services: Using Technology to Create Value   "978-0-07-119477-82002
My Advent Calendar - Nativity: Ages 4-10   "978-1-906089-27-62009Catharine Pitt · Mackerel Design
My Advent Calendar - Santa: Ages 4-10   "978-1-906089-26-92009Catharine Pitt · Mackerel Design
Operations Management: Integrating ManufacturingHardcover978-0-07-294824-02004
Operations Management: Integrating Manufacturing and Services 5e with Student CD and PowerWeb   "978-0-07-299435-32004Janelle Heineke
Operations Management: WITH Student CD and PowerWeb: Integrating Manufacturing and ServicesPaperback978-0-07-111724-12004   "
Refund GuaranteesHardcover978-0-415-83367-72015
Signs and Symptoms in PediatricsPaperback978-0-323-01898-22004Karen Gruskin · Vincent Chang
Social Psychology 1999-2000Hardcover978-0-07-040087-01998
Stochastic Modelling and Control   "978-0-412-16200-81985
The Fights of My LifePaperback978-0-522-86617-92014Greg Combet
The Land of Plenty: Australia in the 2000s   "978-0-522-85484-82008
The Unicode Standard: Version 2.0   "978-0-201-48345-11996The Unicode Consortium · Joan Aliprand · Joseph Becker · Asmus Freytag · Michael Ksar · Rick McGowan · Michel Suignard
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Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power ViewPaperback978-0-07-178082-72012Brian Larson · Dan English · Paul Purington
What is Narrative Research?Hardcover978-1-78093-853-02014Corinne Squire · Molly Andrews
What is Narrative Research?Digital978-1-84966-970-22014Molly Andrews · Cigdem Esin · Lars-Christer Hyden · Margareta Hyden · Corinne Squire · Barbara Harrison
What is Narrative Research?   "978-1-84966-971-92014Molly Andrews · Cigdem Esin · Lars-Christer Hyden · Margareta Hyden · Corinne Squire · Barbara Harrison
What is Narrative Research?Paperback978-1-84966-973-32014Molly Andrews · Cigdem Esin · Barbara Harrison · Lars-Christer Hyden

Alan Mark Davis · Dr. Mark A Davis · J. Mark Davis · J. Mark Davis and Mike King · M.D · M. Davis · Mark A. Davis · Mark A. Davis MD MS · Mark Davis, Cigdem Esin, Molly Andrews, Barbara Harrison, Lars-Christer Hydén and Margareta Hydén Corinne Squire · Mark E. Davis · Mark Edward Davis · Mark H A Davis · Mark H. Davis · Mark J. Davis · Mark M. Davis · Mark S. Davis · Mark W. Davis · Mark Y. A. Davis

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Mark Davis, Cigdem Esin, Molly Andrews, Barbara Harrison, Lars-Christer Hydén and Margareta Hydén Corinne Squire