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Anthology of Latin American StoriesPaperback 978-0-14-014512-01999
Cast a Cold Eye   " 978-0-8125-2543-41984
Dead White   " 978-0-8125-2541-01983
Entwicklungsaspekte der Industriegesellschaft: Die Philosophie der SozialwissenschaftenBroschiert
Equity and Excellence in American Higher EducationPaperback 978-0-8139-2557-82006William G. Bowen · Peter Strupp · Martin Hall · Susanne C. Pichler
John Dewey and the High Tide of American Liberalism   " 978-0-393-31550-91997
John Dewey and the High Tide of American LiberalismHardcover 978-0-393-03773-91995
JusticePaperback 978-0-19-878038-01999
Latin American Short StoriesHardcover 978-0-670-83632-12000
Mill: The Spirit of the Age, on Liberty, the Subjection of WomenPaperback 978-0-393-97009-81996John Stuart Mill
Night Visions No 1Hardcover 978-0-913165-05-81984Charles L. Grant · Steve Rasnic Tem · Tanith Lee
On Augustine: The Two CitiesPaperback 978-0-87140-707-82015
On Hobbes: Escaping the War of All Against All   " 978-0-87140-848-82015
On Politics   " 978-0-14-028518-52013
On Politics: A History of Political Thought from Herodotus to the PresentHardcover 978-0-7139-9364-62012
On Politics: A History of Political Thought: From Herodotus to the Present   " 978-0-87140-465-72012
The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Political ThoughtPaperback 978-0-631-17944-31991David Miller · Janet Coleman · William Connolly
The Idea of Freedom: Essays in Honour of Isaiah BerlinHardcover 978-0-19-215859-81979Isaiah Berlin
The KillPaperback 978-0-523-48055-81988
The Kill   " 978-0-8125-2547-21988
The Making of Modern Liberalism   " 978-0-691-16368-02014
The Making of Modern LiberalismHardcover 978-0-691-14840-32012
The Penguin Book of Vampire StoriesPaperback 978-0-14-012445-31989
The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories   " 978-0-14-010987-01988
The Philosophy of John Stuart Mill   " 978-0-391-03634-51990
The Philosophy of Social Explanation   " 978-0-19-875025-31974
The Reader's Companion to Alaska   " 978-0-15-600368-11997
The Reader's Companion to AlaskaHardcover 978-0-544-31178-71997
The Reader's Companion to CubaPaperback 978-0-15-600367-41997
The Reader's Companion to Ireland   " 978-0-15-600559-31999
The Reader's Companion to Mexico   " 978-0-15-676021-81995

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