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2007978-1-906002-00-8Christopher Hjort · Charles HortonStrange Brew: Eric Clapton and the British Blues Boom 1965-1970: (Foreword by John Mayall)
  ''978-1-906002-01-5Garry Sharp YoungMetal: The Definitive Guide
  ''978-1-906002-02-2John BlaneyLennon and McCartney, Together Alone: A Critical Discography of the Solo Work
  ''978-1-906002-03-9Carl HumphriesThe Piano Workbook: A Complete Course in Technique and Performance
  ''978-1-906002-04-6Domenic PrioreRiot on Sunset Strip: Rock 'n' Roll's Last Stand in 60s Hollywood
2007978-1-906002-05-3Sid GriffinMillion Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, the Band, and the Basement Tapes
  ''978-1-906002-06-0Dave HunterInteractive Fender Bible
2008978-1-906002-08-4Thomas Jerome SeabrookBowie in Berlin: A New Career In A New Town
  ''978-1-906002-09-1John BlaneyBeatles for Sale: How Everything They Touched Turned to Gold
  ''978-1-906002-10-7Dave HunterInteractive Gibson Bible
  ''978-1-906002-12-1Tony BaconTotally Guitar
2008978-1-906002-14-5Tony BaconMillion Dollar Les Paul: In Search of the Most Valuable Guitar in the World (Genuine Jawbone Books)
  ''978-1-906002-15-2Christopher HjortSo You Want to be a Rock'n'Roll Star: The Byrds Day-by-day 1965-73
  ''978-1-906002-16-9John Einarson · Chris HillmanHot Burritos: Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, and the Flying Burrito Brothers: The True Story of "Flying Burrito Brothers" (Genuine Jawbone Books): The True Story of "Flying Burrito Brothers"
2009978-1-906002-18-3Jason DraperPrince Chronicles
2008978-1-906002-19-0Walter CarterClassic Electrics: A Visual History of Great Guitars
  ''978-1-906002-20-6Joel McIver100 Greatest Metal Guitarists
2009978-1-906002-22-0Richie UnterbergerWhite Light/ White Heat: The Velvet Underground Day by Day
  ''978-1-906002-23-7Bill BrufordBill Bruford: The Autobiography: Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks and More
2009978-1-906002-24-4Joel McIverTo Live is to Die: The Life and Death of "Metallica"'s Cliff Burton
  ''978-1-906002-25-1Anthony ReynoldsThe Impossible Dream: The Story of Scott Walker and the Walker Brothers
2010978-1-906002-26-8Harry Shapiro · Foreword by Eric ClaptonJack Bruce Composing Himself: The Authorised Biography
  ''978-1-906002-27-5Sid GriffinShelter from the Storm (Genuine Jawbone Books)
  ''978-1-906002-28-2Gillian G. GaarReturn of the King: Elvis Presley's Great Comeback (Genuine Jawbone Books)
  ''978-1-906002-29-9Mick HoughtonBecoming Elektra: The True Story of Jac Holzman's Visionary Record Label
2010978-1-906002-31-2John EinarsonForever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love
  ''978-1-906002-32-9Jeanette LeechSeasons They Change: The Story of Acid and Psychedelic Folk
  ''978-1-906002-33-6Paul MyersA Wizard , a True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio
2011978-1-906002-35-0Richie UnterbergerWon't Get Fooled Again (Genuine Jawbone Books)
  ''978-1-906002-36-7Graeme ThomsonResurrection of Johnny Cash
  ''978-1-906002-37-4Joel McIverCrazy Train: The High Life and Tragic Death of Randy Rhoads
2011978-1-906002-56-5Simon SpenceJust Can't Get Enough: The Making of Depeche Mode
  ''978-1-906002-92-3Glenn Hughes · Joel McIverGlenn Hughes: The Autobiography