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year of publicationISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-0-8048-3920-4Vicki LileyWok (Tuttle Mini Cookbook)
2010978-0-8048-3927-3Kacem Zoughari Ph.D.The Ninja: Ancient Shadow Warriors of Japan
2009978-0-8048-3931-0Teri Tom MS RDMartial Arts Nutrition: A Precision Guide to Fueling Your Fighting Edge
  ''978-0-8048-3932-7Teri TomJeet Kune Do: The Arsenal of Self-Expression
2008978-0-8048-3933-4Kristen Harris · Kristy HarrisScrapbook Asian Style!: Create One-of-a-kind Projects with Asian-inspired Materials, Colors and Motifs
  ''978-0-8048-3935-8Tuttle PublishingTuttle Chinese for Kids Flash Cards Kit Vol 1 Traditional Character (Tuttle Flash Cards)
  ''978-0-8048-3936-5Tuttle PublishingTuttle Chinese for Kids Flash Cards Kit Vol 1 Simplified Character (Tuttle Flash Cards) (v. 1)
  ''978-0-8048-3937-2Donn F. DraegerNinjutsu: The Art of Invisibility (Tuttle Martial Arts)
2008978-0-8048-3938-9Tuttle PublishingTuttle More Chinese for Kids Flash Cards Traditional Character Ed (Tuttle Flash Cards)
  ''978-0-8048-3939-6   ''Tuttle More Chinese for Kids Flash Cards Simplified Character Editio (Tuttle Flash Cards)
  ''978-0-8048-3943-3Boye Lafayette De MenteEtiquette Guide to China: Know the Rules that Make the Difference!
  ''978-0-8048-3944-0Sun-tzuSun Tzu's The Art of War: Bilingual Edition Complete Chinese and English Text
  ''978-0-8048-3947-1Soohee KimKorean in a Flash Kit Volume 1 (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2008978-0-8048-3948-8Boye Lafayette De MenteEtiquette Guide to Korea: Know the Rules that Make the Difference!
  ''978-0-8048-3949-5Wu Cheng'en · Timothy Richard · Daniel KaneJourney to the West: The Monkey King's Amazing Adventures (Tuttle Classics)
  ''978-0-8048-3950-1Boye Lafayette De Mente · Michihiro MatsumotoSamurai Strategies
  ''978-0-8048-3954-9Joy PosadasEtiquette Guide to the Philippines: Know the Rules That Make the Difference!
2010978-0-8048-3956-3Ronald G. KnappChinese Houses of Southeast Asia: The Eclectic Architecture of Sojourners and Settlers
2008978-0-8048-3957-0Imelda Fines GasmenTuttle Tagalog for Kids Flash Cards Kit (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2009978-0-8048-3958-7   ''Tuttle More Tagalog for Kids Flash Cards Kit (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2008978-0-8048-3959-4Nicoletta Nencioli AikenMaking Out In Italian (Making Out Books)
2009978-0-8048-3960-0Richard DelacyHindi in a Flash Kit Volume 1 (Tuttle Flash Cards)
  ''978-0-8048-3962-4Richard Delacy · Sudha JoshiElementary Hindi: (MP3 Audio CD Included)
2009978-0-8048-3963-1Richard Delacy · Sudha JoshiElementary Hindi Workbook
2008978-0-8048-3968-6Jiro Takei · Marc P. KeaneSakuteiki: Visions of the Japanese Garden (Tuttle Classics)
2010978-0-8048-3975-4Binh Nhu NgoContinuing Vietnamese
2009978-0-8048-3976-1Ross King Ph.D. · Jaehoon Yeon Ph.D. Ph.D. · Jaehoon Yeon Ph.D.Elementary Korean Second Edition: (Audio CD Included)
  ''978-0-8048-3978-5Aaron FisherTea Wisdom: Inspirational Quotes and Quips About the World's Most Celebrated Beverage
  ''978-0-8048-3979-2Insun LeeElementary Korean Workbook
2011978-0-8048-3980-8Kim InglisTropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas
2010978-0-8048-3982-2Kim InglisBali Home: Inspirational Design Ideas
2011978-0-8048-3983-9Michael FreemanAsia Home: Inspirational Design Ideas
2008978-0-8048-3984-6Kay Morrissey ThompsonThe Art and Technique of Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting: Japanese ink painting as taught by Ukao Uchiyama
  ''978-0-8048-3985-3Sam Brier · Xia LuA Chinese Phrase A Day Practice Pad
2009978-0-8048-3986-0Linda HibbsTuttle Indonesian for Kids Flash Cards Kit (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2010978-0-8048-3987-7   ''Tuttle More Indonesian for Kids Flash Cards Kit (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2008978-0-8048-3990-7Debra Samuels · Taekyung ChungThe Korean Table: From Barbecue to Bibimbap 100 Easy-To-Prepare Recipes
2009978-0-8048-3991-4Li DongTuttle Chinese-English Dictionary (Tuttle Reference Dic)
2010978-0-8048-3992-1   ''Tuttle English-Chinese Dictionary (Tuttle Reference Dic)
2008978-0-8048-3995-2Daniel C. BeardThe American Boy's Handy Book
2009978-0-8048-3996-9Soohee KimKorean in a Flash Kit Volume 2 (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2008978-0-8048-4003-3Tess Mallos · Rowan FotheringhamThe Complete Mediterranean Cookbook
2009978-0-8048-4004-0A. L. SadlerThe Chinese Martial Code: The Art of War of Sun Tzu, The Precepts of War by Sima Rangju, Wu Zi on the Art of War (Bilingual Edition)
  ''978-0-8048-4005-7Joe E. HarveyMastering Muay Thai Kick-Boxing: MMA-Proven Techniques
2009978-0-8048-4006-4Tony Kemerly Ph.D. · Steve SnyderTaekwondo Grappling Techniques: Hone Your Competitive Edge for Mixed Martial Arts
  ''978-0-8048-4007-1Kee Ming-YuetPeranakan Chinese Porcelain: Vibrant Festive Ware of the Straits Chinese
  ''978-0-8048-4008-8Thomas ClearySamurai Wisdom: Lessons from Japan's Warrior Culture
  ''978-0-8048-4009-5Laura ArmitageTuttle Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2010978-0-8048-4010-1Laura ArmitageTuttle More Korean for Kids Flash Cards Kit (Tuttle Flash Cards)
2009978-0-8048-4011-8Boye Lafayette De MenteThe Chinese Mind: Understanding Traditional Chinese Beliefs and their Influence on Contemporary Culture
2011978-0-8048-4012-5Ann Martin BowlerAll About Korea: Stories, Songs, Crafts and More
2010978-0-8048-4013-2Amante P. MarinasBlowgun Techniques: The Definitive Guide to Modern and Traditional Blowgun Techniques
2011978-0-8048-4014-9Cornelius C. Kubler · Yang WangBasic Spoken Chinese Practice Essentials: An Introduction to Speaking and Listening for Beginners (Basic Chinese)
  ''978-0-8048-4015-6Cornelius C. KublerBasic Spoken Chinese: An Introduction to Speaking and Listening for Beginners (Basic Chinese)
2012978-0-8048-4016-3   ''Basic Written Chinese: Move From Complete Beginner Level to Basic Proficiency
  ''978-0-8048-4017-0Cornelius C. Kubler · Jerling Guo KublerBasic Written Chinese Practice Essentials: An Introduction to Reading and Writing for Beginners
2013978-0-8048-4019-4Cornelius C. Kubler · Yang WangIntermediate Spoken Chinese Practice Essentials: A Wealth of Activities to Enhance Your Spoken Mandarin
2009978-0-8048-4025-5Ashley CarmanMaking Out in Turkish: (Turkish Phrasebook) (Making Out Books)
  ''978-0-8048-4026-2Michael G. LaFosse · Richard L. AlexanderMoney Origami Kit: [Boxed Kit with 60 Practice Bills, Full-Color Book & DVD]
  ''978-0-8048-4027-9Michael G. LaFosse · Richard L. Alexander · Greg MudarriOrigami Butterflies Kit: [Boxed Kit with 98 Folding Papers & 2 Full-Color Booklets]
2009978-0-8048-4028-6Jaden HairThe Steamy Kitchen Cookbook: 101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough for Tonight's Dinner
2010978-0-8048-4029-3Shubhra RamineniEntice With Spice: Easy Indian Recipes for Busy People
  ''978-0-8048-4032-3Aaron FisherThe Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea
2009978-0-8048-4034-7Celia EspelletaMaking Out In Spanish: (Spanish Phrasebook) (Making Out Books)
  ''978-0-8048-4038-5David RobsonAnjalendran: Architect Of Sri Lanka
  ''978-0-8048-4040-8Holly Jennings · Christine LeBlond · Gorta YuukiAsian Cocktails: Creative Drinks Inspired by the East
  ''978-0-8048-4042-2Kim InglisTropical Hotels: Thailand Malaysia Singapore Java Bali
2009978-0-8048-4044-6Alex SkariaThe Asian Barbecue Book: From Teriyaki to Tandoori
  ''978-0-8048-4045-3I Gusti Made SutjajaEveryday Balinese: Your Guide to Speaking Balinese Quickly and Effortlessly in a Few Hours
2010978-0-8048-4046-0Daniel ReidChinese Cooking Made Easy (Learn to Cook Series)
2009978-0-8048-4047-7ListQuick & Easy Asian Desserts (Learn to Cook Series)
  ''978-0-8048-4051-4Robert PowellSingapore Houses
  ''978-0-8048-4052-1Stephen SkinnerFeng Shui Style: The Asian Art of Gracious Living
  ''978-0-8048-4053-8T. F. RhodenOutrageous Thai
2011978-0-8048-4054-5Linda Lee Cadwell,Ted Wong Bruce LeeBruce Lee Jeet Kune Do: The Ultimate Martial Art
2009978-0-8048-4055-2Akihiko Seki · Elizabeth Heilman BrookeAsian Resorts
2010978-0-8048-4056-9Michael L. Kluemper · Lisa Berkson · Nathan Patton · Nobuko PattonBeginning Japanese: Your Pathway to Dynamic Language Acquisition (CD-ROM Included)
2010978-0-8048-4057-6Michael L. Kluemper · Lisa Berkson · Nathan Patton · Nobuko PattonBeginning Japanese Workbook: Your Pathway to Dynamic Language Acquisition
2012978-0-8048-4060-6Michael L. Kluemper · Lisa BerksonIntermediate Japanese: Your Pathway to Dynamic Language Acquisition
2011978-0-8048-4061-3   ''Intermediate Japanese Workbook
2009978-0-8048-4077-4Jerry HopkinsBangkok Babylon: The Real-Life Exploits of Bangkok's Legendary Expatriates are often Stranger than Fiction
  ''978-0-8048-4078-1Norma Chikiamco · Norma Olizon-ChikiamcoPan de Sal Saves the Day: A Filipino Children's Story
  ''978-0-8048-4079-8Pierre Ostrowski · Gwen PennerIt's All Chinese to Me: An Overview of Culture & Etiquette in China
2010978-0-8048-4082-8Elizabeth ReyesThe Tropical House: Cutting Edge Design in the Philippines
2009978-0-8048-4083-5Terry Tan · Christopher TanSingapore Cooking: Fabulous Recipes from Asia's Food Capital
2010978-0-8048-4088-0Miki GarciaThe Filipino Cookbook: 85 Homestyle Recipes to Delight Your Family and Friends
2011978-0-8048-4089-7Hari NayakMy Indian Kitchen: Preparing Delicious Indian Meals without Fear or Fuss
2010978-0-8048-4093-4Amante P. Marinas Sr.The Art of Throwing: The Definitive Guide to Thrown Weapons Techniques
  ''978-0-8048-4094-1Faye-Lynn WuChinese and English Nursery Rhymes: Share and Sing in Two Languages
  ''978-0-8048-4095-8Shi NaianThe Water Margin: Outlaws of the Marsh (Tuttle Classics)
2011978-0-8048-4097-2Martina SpragueLessons in the Art of War: Martial Strategies for the Successful Fighter
2009978-0-8048-4098-9Fred B. Eiseman Jr.Bali: Sekala & Niskala
2010978-0-8048-4099-6Sam Brier · Phouphanomlack (Tee) SangkhamponeLao Basics: An Introduction to the Lao Language (Audio CD Included) (Tuttle Basics)
2010978-0-8048-4100-9Henry J. Amen IV · Kyubyong ParkKorean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean
  ''978-0-8048-4102-3Habeeb SalloumThe Arabian Nights Cookbook: From Lamb Kebabs to Baba Ghanouj, Delicious Homestyle Arabian Cooking
  ''978-0-8048-4103-0Benjamin John ColemanOrigami Bonsai: Create Beautiful Botanical Sculptures From Paper [Full-Color Book & Instructional DVD]
  ''978-0-8048-4104-7Guillaume Olive · Zihong HeMy First Book of Chinese Calligraphy
  ''978-0-8048-4105-4Rosalind CreasyRosalind Creasy's Recipes from the Garden: 200 Exciting Recipes from the Author of the Complete Book of Edible Landscaping
2010978-0-8048-4109-2Kazumi TabataMind Power: Secret Strategies for the Martial Arts
2012978-0-8048-4117-7Jiedson R. Domigpe · Nenita Pambid DomingoElementary Tagalog: Tara, Mag-Tagalog Tayo! Come On, Let's Speak Tagalog! (MP3 Audio CD Included)
2011978-0-8048-4119-1Peter EngelOrigami Odyssey: A Journey to the Edge of Paperfolding [Full-Color Book & Instructional DVD]
2010978-0-8048-4120-7Roxana WatersonThe Living House: An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia
  ''978-0-8048-4122-1Marc De Bremaeker · Roy FaigeThe Essential Book of Martial Arts Kicks: 89 Kicks from Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, and others
  ''978-0-8048-4123-8Jeff DriscollUltimate Kempo: The Spirit and Technique of Kosho Ryu
  ''978-0-8048-4125-2Carol Selvarajah · Carol Selva RajahMalaysian Cooking: A Master Cook Reveals Her Best Recipes
2011978-0-8048-4126-9Joi BarriosTagalog for Beginners: An Introduction to Filipino, the National Language of the Philippines
2010978-0-8048-4127-6Hakim IslerModern Hand to Hand Combat: Ancient Samurai Techniques on the Battlefield and in the Street
  ''978-0-8048-4132-0Michael L. Kluemper · Lisa Berkson · Nathan Patton · Nobuko PattonBeginning Japanese: Your Pathway to Dynamic Language Acquisition (CD-ROM Included)
2011978-0-8048-4133-7Michael G. LaFosse · Richard L. AlexanderOrigami Stationery Kit: [Boxed Kit with 80 Folding Papers & Full-Color Book]
2010978-0-8048-4134-4   ''Story-gami Kit: Create Origami Using Folding Stories [Boxed Kit with 80 Folding Papers, Full-Color Book & DVD]
2010978-0-8048-4135-1Michael G. LaFosse · Richard L. AlexanderTrash Origami: 25 Paper Folding Projects Reusing Everyday Materials [Full-Color Book & Instructional DVD]
  ''978-0-8048-4136-8Douglas Bullis · Wendy HuttonSri Lankan Cooking
2011978-0-8048-4137-5Lafcadio HearnChinese Ghost Stories: Curious Tales of the Supernatural (Tuttle Classics)
2010978-0-8048-4138-2Songling PuStrange Tales from a Chinese Studio: The classic collection of eerie and fantastic Chinese stories of the supernatural (Tuttle Classics)
2011978-0-8048-4143-6Robert PowellThe New Indonesian House
  ''978-0-8048-4147-4Bee Yinn LowEasy Chinese Recipes: Family Favorites From Dim Sum to Kung Pao
  ''978-0-8048-4148-1Sam Brier · Linh DoanInstant Vietnamese: How to Express 1,000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases! (Vietnamese Phrasebook) (Instant Phrasebook Series)
2012978-0-8048-4150-4Kyubyong ParkTuttle Learner's Korean-English Dictionary
2011978-0-8048-4151-1Scott Wasserman SternOutside the Box Origami
  ''978-0-8048-4153-5Warren PeltierThe Ancient Art of Tea: Wisdom From the Ancient Chinese Tea Masters
2011978-0-8048-4154-2Lily Gamboa O'Boyle · Elizabeth ReyesTropical Gardens of The Philippines
  ''978-0-8048-4155-9Jock BrocasThe Book of Six Rings: Secrets of the Spiritual Warrior
2010978-0-8048-4157-3Christophe Megel · Anton KilaykoAsian Tapas: Small Bites, Big Flavors
2011978-0-8048-4158-0Carol DeaconFabulous Party Cakes and Cupcakes: Matching Cakes and Cupcakes for Every Occasion
  ''978-0-8048-4167-2Daniel Krasa · Rainer KrackMaking Out in Hindi: (Hindi Phrasebook) (Making Out Books)
  ''978-0-8048-4168-9Alex SkariaThe Asian Barbecue Book
2012978-0-8048-4175-7Michael L. Kluemper · Lisa BerksonIntermediate Japanese: Your Pathway to Dynamic Language Acquisition
2011978-0-8048-4176-4Katrina Avila MunichielloA Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time
2012978-0-8048-4179-5Robert DanhiEasy Thai Cooking: 75 Family-style Dishes You can Prepare in Minutes
2011978-0-8048-4180-1Vicki BaumLove and Death in Bali (Periplus Classics Series)
  ''978-0-8048-4181-8Margaret J. PearsonThe Original I Ching: An Authentic Translation of the Book of Changes
2011978-0-8048-4183-2I Wayan Dibia · Rucina BallingerBalinese Dance, Drama & Music: A Guide to the Performing Arts of Bali
  ''978-0-8048-4186-3Michael TenzerBalinese Gamelan Music
  ''978-0-8048-4187-0Ronald G. KnappThings Chinese: Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles
  ''978-0-8048-4189-4Periplus EditionsOrigami Paper Traditional Japanese Designs Small
  ''978-0-8048-4190-0Periplus EditionsOrigami Paper Traditional Japanese Designs Large
2011978-0-8048-4192-4Periplus EditorsMalaysia Travel Atlas: includes Singapore & Brunei
2012978-0-8048-4200-6Morten StrangeA Photographic Guide to the Birds of Indonesia: Second Edition
  ''978-0-8048-4201-3Philip Yungkin LeeChinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 1: Characters 1-349: HSK Elementary Level
2013978-0-8048-4202-0Philip Yungkin LeeChinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 2: HSK Intermediate Level: Characters 350-622
2012978-0-8048-4205-1Kyubyong Park500 Basic Korean Verbs: The Only Comprehensive Guide to Conjugation and Usage
2011978-0-8048-4207-5Christopher Torchia · Lely DjuhariIndonesian Slang
2013978-0-8048-4227-3Danielle WrightKorean Nursery Rhymes: Wild Geese, Land of Goblins and other Favorite Songs and Rhymes
2011978-0-8048-4229-7Martin BoetzModern Thai Food: 100 Fabulous Thai Recipes for Contemporary Cooks
  ''978-0-8048-4230-3Michael G. LaFosse · Richard L. AlexanderMini Money Origami Kit
2012978-0-8048-4234-1Elaine SandbergWinning American Mah Jongg Strategies: A Guide for the Novice Player
2011978-0-8048-4238-9Soohee KimKorean in a Flash Kit Volume 1 (In a Flash (Tuttle))
2012978-0-8048-4252-5Daniel TudorKorea: The Impossible Country
  ''978-0-8048-4260-0Adrian VickersBali: A Paradise Created
2014978-0-8048-4266-2Kyubyong ParkTuttle Pocket Korean Dictionary: Korean-English English-Korean
2012978-0-8048-4273-0Kyubyong Park · Henry J. Amen IVMy First Book of Korean Words: An ABC Rhyming Book
2013978-0-8048-4274-7Michael G. LaFosse · Richard L. AlexanderLaFosse & Alexander's Dollar Origami
2012978-0-8048-4275-4Alexandre PaivaBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Ultimate Guide to Dominating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Combat
2013978-0-8048-4287-7Phan Van GiuongTuttle Mini Vietnamese Dictionary: Vietnamese-English/English-Vietnamese Dictionary (Tuttle Mini Dictiona)
2014978-0-8048-4290-7Katherine DavidsenTuttle Mini Indonesian Dictionary: Indonesian-English / English-Indonesian (Tuttle Mini Dictiona)
  ''978-0-8048-4293-8Nancy CunninghamTuttle Mini Burmese Dictionary: Burmese-English / English-Burmese (Tuttle Mini Dictiona)
2012978-0-8048-4304-1Daniel Fletcher · Sleiman AziziThe Art of Life and Death: Lessons in Budo From a Ninja Master
2012978-0-8048-4305-8John MatthewsThe Lost Tarot of Nostradamus
  ''978-0-8048-4315-7Yoshiko TsukioriStylish Dress Book
  ''978-0-8048-4321-8Michael G. LaFosse · Richard L. AlexanderModular Origami Paper Pack: 350 Colorful Papers Perfect for Folding in 3D
2013978-0-8048-4334-8Jaden HairSteamy Kitchen Cookbook: 101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough for Tonight's Dinner
2014978-0-8048-4406-2Lydia ChenFun with Chinese Knotting: Making Your Own Fashion Accessories & Accents
  ''978-0-8048-4444-4Roxana WatersonThe Living House: An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia
2013978-0-8048-4451-2Morten StrangeA Photographic Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia
  ''978-0-8048-4452-9   ''Photographic Guide to the Birds of Thailand
1989978-0-8048-7021-4James Self · Nobuko HiroseJapanese Art Signatures
1991978-0-8048-7023-8Darrell Max CraigIAI: The Art Of Drawing The Sword