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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-0-7636-6283-7Jane YolenCreepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters
2012978-0-7636-6295-0Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap: Four Sparkling Underwater Adventures
2013978-0-7636-6315-5Marcia WilliamsAncient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs
2015978-0-7636-6319-3Leslie PatricelliHop! Hop! (Leslie Patricelli board books)
  ''978-0-7636-6320-9Leslie PatricelliBoo! (Leslie Patricelli board books)
2014978-0-7636-6321-6   ''Toot (Leslie Patricelli board books)
  ''978-0-7636-6322-3   ''Tickle (Leslie Patricelli board books)
2015978-0-7636-6323-0Jennifer Richard JacobsonPaper Things
2013978-0-7636-6333-9Jennifer Richard JacobsonSmall as an Elephant
2014978-0-7636-6339-1Kate DiCamilloLeroy Ninker Saddles Up: Tales from Deckawoo Drive, Volume One
2013978-0-7636-6341-4Pat SchmatzBluefish
  ''978-0-7636-6344-5Y S LeeThe Agency 3: The Traitor in the Tunnel (The Agency Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7636-6345-2Daniel and Dina NayeriAnother Jekyll, Another Hyde (Another (Candlewick Press))
2015978-0-7636-6351-3Mara RockliffMesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved a Mystery that Baffled All of France
2013978-0-7636-6352-0Anthony BrowneOne Gorilla: A Counting Book
2013978-0-7636-6391-9Megan McDonaldStink and the Great Guinea Pig Express
  ''978-0-7636-6420-6Megan McDonaldStink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker
  ''978-0-7636-6421-3   ''Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express
  ''978-0-7636-6422-0   ''Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk
2013978-0-7636-6424-4Megan McDonaldStink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers
  ''978-0-7636-6425-1   ''Stink: Solar System Superhero
  ''978-0-7636-6426-8   ''Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid
  ''978-0-7636-6433-6Yana PeelFaces for Baby: An Art for Baby Book
  ''978-0-7636-6442-8Kareem Abdul-Jabbar · Raymond ObstfeldWhat Color Is My World?: The Lost History of African-American Inventors
2013978-0-7636-6445-9Kate DiCamillo · Alison McGheeBink and Gollie: Two for One
  ''978-0-7636-6448-0Penny DaleDinosaur Zoom!
  ''978-0-7636-6451-0Silas House · Neela VaswaniSame Sun Here
  ''978-0-7636-6455-8Jo KnowlesSee You at Harry's
  ''978-0-7636-6457-2Johanna HurwitzMagical Monty
2013978-0-7636-6460-2Roxane OrgillFootwork: Candlewick Biographies: The Story of Fred and Adele Astaire
2014978-0-7636-6474-9Megan McDonaldStink and the Shark Sleepover
2013978-0-7636-6480-0Lucy CousinsMaisy Learns to Swim: A Maisy First Experiences Book
  ''978-0-7636-6491-6Lucy CousinsMaisy's Fairground: A Maisy Pop-up-and-Play Book
2014978-0-7636-6493-0Sally SuttonDemolition
2013978-0-7636-6503-6Chris ButterworthHow Did That Get in My Lunchbox?: The Story of Food (Exploring the Everyday)
2014978-0-7636-6510-4Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black
2015978-0-7636-6511-1Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party
2016978-0-7636-6512-8   ''The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation
  ''978-0-7636-6513-5   ''The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde
2014978-0-7636-6521-0Ryan GebhartThere Will Be Bears
2013978-0-7636-6525-8Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Busy Day at School
2015978-0-7636-6529-6Carson EllisHome
  ''978-0-7636-6586-9Dean HacohenWho's Hungry?
  ''978-0-7636-6592-0Jonathan LondonHippos Are Huge!
2014978-0-7636-6595-1Aaron BeckerQuest
2014978-0-7636-6603-3Kenny HarrisonHide and Seek Harry at the Beach
  ''978-0-7636-6619-4Jenny BroomThe Lion and the Mouse: Turn-and-Tell Tales
2013978-0-7636-6621-7Lucy CousinsPeck, Peck, Peck
  ''978-0-7636-6636-1Laura McGee KvasnoskyZelda and Ivy: Keeping Secrets: Candlewick Sparks
  ''978-0-7636-6644-6Lisa MoserSquirrel's World: Candlewick Sparks
2014978-0-7636-6648-4Steve LightHave You Seen My Dragon?
  ''978-0-7636-6688-0Megan McDonaldStink and the Freaky Frog Freakout
2014978-0-7636-6698-9Megan McDonaldJudy Moody, Mood Martian
2013978-0-7636-6739-9Raleigh RimesDinosaurology (Ologies)
  ''978-0-7636-6748-1Yu Li-QiongA New Year's Reunion: A Chinese Story
  ''978-0-7636-6750-4Chris HaughtonLittle Owl Lost
2014978-0-7636-6751-1Liz KesslerPoppy the Pirate Dog's New Shipmate
2013978-0-7636-6762-7George McGavinBugs: A Stunning Pop-up Look at Insects, Spiders, and Other Creepy-Crawlies
2014978-0-7636-6779-5Petr HoracekTime for Bed
  ''978-0-7636-6780-1Petr HoracekHonk, Honk! Baa, Baa!
2013978-0-7636-6804-4Lucy CousinsMaisy's First Colors: A Maisy Concept Book
2013978-0-7636-6805-1Lucy CousinsMaisy's First Numbers: A Maisy Concept Book
  ''978-0-7636-6807-5Gareth HindsRomeo and Juliet
2016978-0-7636-6819-8Dori KleberMore-igami
2013978-0-7636-6825-9Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Perfect Day
  ''978-0-7636-6829-7Penny DaleDinosaur Rescue!
  ''978-0-7636-6830-3Megan McDonaldStink: The Absolutely Astronomical Collection: Books 4-6
  ''978-0-7636-6831-0   ''Stink: The Super-Incredible Collection: Books 1-3
2014978-0-7636-6834-1Lucy CousinsMaisy Goes to the City: A Maisy First Experiences Book
2014978-0-7636-6843-3Kathryn LaskyOne Beetle Too Many: Candlewick Biographies: The Extraordinary Adventures of Charles Darwin
2013978-0-7636-6861-7Bonny BeckerA Birthday for Bear: Candlewick Sparks
  ''978-0-7636-6863-1James HoweHoundsley and Catina and the Quiet Time: Candlewick Sparks
2014978-0-7636-6872-3Robie H. HarrisIt's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)
  ''978-0-7636-6874-7Robie H. HarrisIt's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families (The Family Library)
  ''978-0-7636-6875-4Cece BellRabbit and Robot: The Sleepover (Candlewick Sparks)
  ''978-0-7636-6877-8Catharine O'NeillAnnie and Simon (Candlewick Sparks)
2015978-0-7636-6886-0Kate DiCamilloFrancine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon: Tales from Deckawoo Drive, Volume Two
2013978-0-7636-6896-9Aleksandra Mizielinska · Daniel MizielinskiMaps
2013978-0-7636-6908-9Patrick NessA Monster Calls: Inspired by an idea from Siobhan Dowd
2015978-0-7636-6927-0Stephan PastisTimmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made
2014978-0-7636-6930-0Melina MarchettaQuintana of Charyn: The Lumatere Chronicles
  ''978-0-7636-6939-3Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun
2015978-0-7636-6967-6Ilyasah Shabazz · Kekla MagoonX: A Novel
  ''978-0-7636-6973-7Tim Wynne-JonesThe Emperor of Any Place
2013978-0-7636-6976-8Jeri WattsKizzy Ann Stamps
2014978-0-7636-6984-3Salvatore RubbinoA Walk in Paris
  ''978-0-7636-6989-8Lucy CousinsMaisy's World of Animals: A Maisy First Science Book
  ''978-0-7636-6990-4Patrick DillonThe Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond
2013978-0-7636-7006-1Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You Lap-Size Board Book
2014978-0-7636-7023-8Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You: Baby Book
2014978-0-7636-7031-3Sally SuttonDemolicion (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-7049-8Maribeth BoeltsHappy Like Soccer
  ''978-0-7636-7053-5Richard PlattRoman Diary: The Journal of Iliona, A Young Slave
  ''978-0-7636-7056-6Katherine AyresArriba, Abajo y Alrededor (Spanish Edition)
2015978-0-7636-7074-0Lora KoehlerThe Little Snowplow
2014978-0-7636-7102-0Paul FleischmanEyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines
  ''978-0-7636-7124-2Yana PeelColor for Baby
2014978-0-7636-7164-8Meg MedinaYaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass
  ''978-0-7636-7169-3Sally GardnerMaggot Moon
  ''978-0-7636-7213-3Megan McDonaldJudy Moody and Friends: Frank Pearl in The Awful Waffle Kerfuffle
  ''978-0-7636-7216-4   ''Judy Moody and Friends: Amy Namey in Ace Reporter
  ''978-0-7636-7226-3Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Muddy Puddles
2014978-0-7636-7227-0Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Busy Day at School
2016978-0-7636-7234-8Sally Lloyd-JonesSkip to the Loo, My Darling! A Potty Book
2014978-0-7636-7237-9Lucy CousinsMaisy Goes to the Movies: A Maisy First Experiences Book
  ''978-0-7636-7255-3Jill MurphyThe Worst Witch Saves the Day
  ''978-0-7636-7257-7Jill MurphyThe Worst Witch Strikes Again
  ''978-0-7636-7260-7   ''The Worst Witch
  ''978-0-7636-7293-5Chris HaughtonShh! We Have a Plan (Irma S and James H Black Honor for Excellence in Children's Literature (Awards))
2015978-0-7636-7297-3Michael MorpurgoBeowulf
2014978-0-7636-7298-0Lauren ChildThat Pesky Rat
2015978-0-7636-7305-5Lucy CousinsMaisy's Tractor
2014978-0-7636-7320-8David WalserThe Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland
2015978-0-7636-7368-0Susan KuklinBeyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out
2014978-0-7636-7448-9Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You 20th Anniversary Edition
2014978-0-7636-7452-6Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap: Two Magical Mermaid Tales
  ''978-0-7636-7456-4Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List
  ''978-0-7636-7457-1Lucy CousinsMaisy's Christmas Tree
2015978-0-7636-7504-2Candlewick PressJapan: Panorama Pops
2014978-0-7636-7508-0Jenny BroomAnimalium: Welcome to the Museum
  ''978-0-7636-7536-3Kate DiCamillo · Alison McGheeBink and Gollie: The Completely Marvelous Collection
  ''978-0-7636-7544-8Emma DoddAlways (Emma Dodd's Love You Books)
2014978-0-7636-7545-5Paul FleischmanEyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines
2015978-0-7636-7615-5Megan McDonaldJudy Moody and Friends: Triple Pet Trouble
2014978-0-7636-7617-9Patrick NessThe Ask and the Answer (Reissue with bonus short story): Chaos Walking: Book Two
  ''978-0-7636-7618-6   ''The Knife of Never Letting Go (Reissue with bonus short story): Chaos Walking: Book One
2014978-0-7636-7619-3Patrick NessMonsters of Men (Reissue with bonus short story): Chaos Walking: Book Three
  ''978-0-7636-7620-9   ''More Than This
2017978-0-7636-7637-7Kara LaReauThe Infamous Ratsos Are Not Afraid
2015978-0-7636-7648-3Raymond HuberFlight of the Honey Bee (Read and Wonder)
  ''978-0-7636-7652-0Chris HaughtonOh No, George!
  ''978-0-7636-7656-8Matt TavaresThere Goes Ted Williams: Candlewick Biographies: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
  ''978-0-7636-7660-5Rosemary WellsIvy Takes Care
2015978-0-7636-7665-0Megan McDonaldJudy Moody and Stink: The Big Bad Blackout
  ''978-0-7636-7671-1Kate DiCamilloFlora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures
  ''978-0-7636-7678-0Megan McDonaldStink and the Shark Sleepover
  ''978-0-7636-7688-9Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls
2014978-0-7636-7702-2Michael RosenWe're Going on a Bear Hunt: Sound Book
2015978-0-7636-7741-1Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Day at Snowy Mountain
  ''978-0-7636-7749-7Lucy CousinsMaisy Learns to Swim: A Maisy First Experience Book
2015978-0-7636-7802-9Gareth HindsMacbeth
  ''978-0-7636-7888-3Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black
  ''978-0-7636-7889-0Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Vegetable Garden
  ''978-0-7636-7890-6   ''Peppa Pig and the Great Vacation
2017978-0-7636-7932-3Leslie PatricelliNighty-Night (Leslie Patricelli board books)
2015978-0-7636-7950-7Timothee de FombelleA Prince Without a Kingdom: Vango Book Two
  ''978-0-7636-7975-0Sally SuttonConstruction
2015978-0-7636-8003-9Nosy CrowBizzy Bear: Space Rocket
  ''978-0-7636-8010-7Lucy CousinsMaisy's Digger: A Go with Maisy Board Book
  ''978-0-7636-8011-4   ''Maisy's Race Car: A Go with Maisy Board Book
  ''978-0-7636-8012-1Kate DiCamilloLeroy Ninker Saddles Up: Tales from Deckawoo Drive, Volume One
  ''978-0-7636-8015-2Megan McDonaldJudy Moody, Mood Martian
2015978-0-7636-8018-3Megan McDonaldJudy Moody and Stink in the School's Out Collection
  ''978-0-7636-8060-2Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Day at the Museum
  ''978-0-7636-8068-8L PichonThe Brilliant World of Tom Gates
  ''978-0-7636-8086-2Kate DiCamilloBecause of Winn-Dixie
  ''978-0-7636-8088-6   ''The Magician's Elephant
2015978-0-7636-8089-3Kate DiCamilloThe Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread
2015978-0-7636-8090-9Kate DiCamilloThe Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
2016978-0-7636-8117-3   ''Raymie Nightingale
2015978-0-7636-8170-8Nosy CrowBizzy Bear: Dinosaur Safari
2018978-0-7636-8173-9Ann StottWant to Play Trucks?
2016978-0-7636-8199-9Megan McDonaldJudy Moody and Friends: Mrs. Moody in The Birthday Jinx
  ''978-0-7636-8225-5Sophie AmbroseThe Lonely Giant
  ''978-0-7636-8326-9Robert SabudaThe Christmas Story
  ''978-0-7636-8758-8Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party
  ''978-0-7636-8764-9Kate DiCamilloFlora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures
2017978-0-7636-8826-4Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate
2016978-0-7636-8893-6Hope VestergaardDigger, Dozer, Dumper
2016978-0-7636-8896-7Leslie PatricelliHuggy Kissy/Abrazos y besitos (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-8919-3Big Picture PressAnimalium Activity Book
2018978-0-7636-8935-3E.S. RedmondBug Blonsky and His Very Long List of Don'ts
  ''978-0-7636-9053-3AviThe Button War: A Tale of the Great War
2016978-0-7636-9058-8Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You Sweetheart Gift Edition
2017978-0-7636-9070-0Pete HautmanSlider
2016978-0-7636-9077-9Oliver Jeffers · Sam WinstonA Child of Books
  ''978-0-7636-9089-2Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde
  ''978-0-7636-9090-8Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls
2016978-0-7636-9102-8Jo KnowlesRead Between the Lines
2018978-0-7636-9258-2Leonard S. MarcusHelen Oxenbury: A Life in Illustration
2017978-0-7636-9314-5Leslie PatricelliBoo! / ¡Bu! (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-9316-9   ''Tubby / Bañito (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-9341-1Maya Soetoro-NgEscalera a la Luna (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-9342-8   ''Escalera a la Luna (Spanish Edition)
2016978-0-7636-9353-4Matt ForbeckDungeonology (Ologies)
2018978-0-7636-9358-9Juana Martinez-NealAlma y cómo obtuvo su nombre (Spanish Edition)
2016978-0-7636-9424-1Templar BooksMonsters and Heroes of the Realms: A Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Book (Ologies)
2017978-0-7636-9451-7Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black Takes a Vacation
  ''978-0-7636-9524-8Leslie PatricelliFa La La/Tra-la-la (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Spanish Edition)
2018978-0-7636-9525-5   ''Hop! Hop!/¡Salto! ¡Salto! (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Spanish Edition)
2017978-0-7636-9561-3Martin WaddellFarmer Duck
2018978-0-7636-9604-7Jessica Kensky · Patrick DownesRescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship
2017978-0-7636-9777-8Shannon Hale · Dean HaleThe Princess in Black: Three Smashing Adventures
2018978-0-7636-9819-5Simon JamesFrog and Beaver
2017978-0-7636-9837-9Douglas WoodMiss Little's Gift
2018978-0-7636-9951-2Timothy KnapmanSuperhero Dad
2018978-0-7636-9965-9Shirley ParenteauBears on Chairs/Osos en sillas (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-9966-6Leslie PatricelliBig Little / Grande pequeño (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Spanish Edition)
2018978-0-7636-9976-5Leslie PatricelliQuiet Loud / Silencioso ruidoso (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Spanish Edition)