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year of publicationISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-0-7636-6648-4Steve LightHave You Seen My Dragon?
  ''978-0-7636-6688-0Megan McDonaldStink and the Freaky Frog Freakout
  ''978-0-7636-6698-9Megan McDonaldJudy Moody, Mood Martian (Book #12)
2013978-0-7636-6750-4Chris HaughtonLittle Owl Lost
2014978-0-7636-6751-1Liz KesslerPoppy the Pirate Dog's New Shipmate
  ''978-0-7636-6779-5Petr HoracekTime for Bed
2013978-0-7636-6805-1Lucy CousinsMaisy's First Numbers: A Maisy Concept Book
  ''978-0-7636-6807-5Gareth HindsRomeo and Juliet
2013978-0-7636-6825-9Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Perfect Day
  ''978-0-7636-6829-7Penny DaleDinosaur Rescue!
  ''978-0-7636-6830-3Megan McDonaldStink: The Absolutely Astronomical Collection: Books 4-6
  ''978-0-7636-6861-7Bonny BeckerA Birthday for Bear: Candlewick Sparks
  ''978-0-7636-6863-1James HoweHoundsley and Catina and the Quiet Time: Candlewick Sparks
2014978-0-7636-6872-3Robie H. HarrisIt's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)
2014978-0-7636-6874-7Robie H. HarrisIt's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families (The Family Library)
  ''978-0-7636-6877-8Catharine O'NeillAnnie and Simon (Candlewick Sparks)
2015978-0-7636-6886-0Kate DiCamilloFrancine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon: Tales from Deckawoo Drive, Volume Two
2013978-0-7636-6896-9Aleksandra Mizielinska · Daniel MizielinskiMaps
2014978-0-7636-6939-3Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun
2013978-0-7636-6976-8Jeri WattsKizzy Ann Stamps
2014978-0-7636-6989-8Lucy CousinsMaisy's World of Animals: A Maisy First Science Book
  ''978-0-7636-6990-4Patrick DillonThe Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond
2013978-0-7636-7006-1Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You Lap-Size Board Book
2014978-0-7636-7023-8Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You: Baby Book
  ''978-0-7636-7031-3Sally SuttonDemolicion (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-7053-5Richard PlattRoman Diary: The Journal of Iliona, A Young Slave
2014978-0-7636-7056-6Katherine AyresArriba, Abajo y Alrededor (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7636-7124-2Yana PeelColor for Baby
  ''978-0-7636-7164-8Meg MedinaYaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass
  ''978-0-7636-7169-3Sally GardnerMaggot Moon
  ''978-0-7636-7226-3Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Muddy Puddles
2014978-0-7636-7227-0Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Busy Day at School
  ''978-0-7636-7257-7Jill MurphyThe Worst Witch Strikes Again
  ''978-0-7636-7260-7Jill MurphyThe Worst Witch
  ''978-0-7636-7320-8David WalserThe Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland
2015978-0-7636-7368-0Susan KuklinBeyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out
2014978-0-7636-7448-9Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You 20th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-0-7636-7457-1Lucy CousinsMaisy's Christmas Tree
2014978-0-7636-7536-3Kate DiCamillo · Alison McGheeBink and Gollie: The Completely Marvelous Collection
  ''978-0-7636-7544-8Emma DoddAlways (Emma Dodd's Love You Books)
  ''978-0-7636-7545-5Paul FleischmanEyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines
  ''978-0-7636-7617-9Patrick NessThe Ask and the Answer (Reissue with bonus short story): Chaos Walking: Book Two
  ''978-0-7636-7618-6Patrick NessThe Knife of Never Letting Go (Reissue with bonus short story): Chaos Walking: Book One
2014978-0-7636-7619-3Patrick NessMonsters of Men (Reissue with bonus short story): Chaos Walking: Book Three
  ''978-0-7636-7620-9   ''More Than This
2015978-0-7636-7656-8Matt TavaresThere Goes Ted Williams: Candlewick Biographies: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived
  ''978-0-7636-7665-0Megan McDonaldJudy Moody and Stink: The Big Bad Blackout
  ''978-0-7636-7671-1Kate DiCamilloFlora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures
  ''978-0-7636-7678-0Megan McDonaldStink and the Shark Sleepover (Book #9)
2015978-0-7636-7688-9Liz KesslerEmily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls
2014978-0-7636-7702-2Michael RosenWe're Going on a Bear Hunt: Sound Book
2015978-0-7636-7802-9Gareth HindsMacbeth
  ''978-0-7636-7889-0Candlewick PressPeppa Pig and the Vegetable Garden
  ''978-0-7636-7890-6   ''Peppa Pig and the Great Vacation
  ''978-0-7636-8012-1Kate DiCamilloLeroy Ninker Saddles Up: Tales from Deckawoo Drive, Volume One